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Flexographic Printing Machine

    1. Multicolor Flexo Printing Machine
    2. Multicolor Flexo Printing Machine The anilox roller are adopted to spread ink. Our anilox roller has strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion, thus having a long lifespan. When the printing is completed, the ink roller can automatically leave away from the printed material and keep rotating at low speed so as to prevent the ink on from drying.
    1. 5 Color Flexo Printing Machine
    2. 5 Color Flexo Printing Machine RY480-5D flexo printing machine is designed with three rotary die cutting stations. The first and second stations are applicable for double side die cutting, and the third station is used for sheeting or slitting. The conveyer system can be applied in combinaton with the third die cutting station for conveying the finished products orderly.
    1. 1~10 Color Flexo Printing Machine
    2. 1~10 Color Flexo Printing MachineRY520-5C flexo printing machine consists of printing press, drying device, die cutting device and many other devices. Its body is made of cast iron with chroming treatment, so it has long lifespan.RY520-5C flexo printing machine include one rotary die cutting station and one slitting station.
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