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1~10 Color Flexo Printing Machine

Model: RY650-5B

The RY650-5B paper cup printing machine is a flexo printing machine designed with printing press, drying device, die cutting device and many other devices. Each part of the flexo printing machine has been carefully crafted. The machine body is made of cast iron with chroming treatment, so it has a long lifespan.

Station for 5-color Flexo Printing Machine
1. One mounting machine
2. One anilox roller for each group (LPI is optional, made in shanghai)
3. Three sets of printing rollers (3*5=15)
4. One unwinding tension controller (Mitsubishi Japan)
5. One rewinding tension controller (Mitsubishi Japan)
6. Hydraulic loading
7. Hydraulic unloading

Main Technical Parameters
Printing Speed 60m/min RY850-5B
Printing Color 5colors 50m/min
Max. Web Width 650mm 5 colors
Max. Printing Width 630mm 860mm
Max. Unwing Diameter 1400mm 850mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter 1400mm 1100mm
Printing Girth 250-580mm 1100mm
Precision of Registration ±0.15mm 250-580mm
Dimensions 2500L*1450W*3000H(mm) ±0.15mm
Machine Weight About 3500kg 2500*1350* 2600(mm)

1. The ceramic anilox rollers are used for spreading the ink.
2. The unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic brake and clutch or by Mitsubishi automatic tension controller made in Japan.
3. The printing unit can rotates in 360º for registration.
4. Each printing unit has one IR drier.
5. The rubber roller can automatically move away and run at a low speed, in order to avoid water being black.
6. The main motor adopts the imported stepless frequency conversion speed regulator.
7. Unwinding, printing, varnishing, IR drying, laminating and rewinding can be finished in one process. This kind of printing machine is the best choice for printing on adhesive-paper labels and other commercial label.

1. The rewinding and unwinding are seperately controlled, which makes the operation easier.
2. The thickness of our machine plate is 26 mm.
3. The cost of our gear box is higher than others, buth it has a higher precision.
4. Becasue of the increasement of thickness and width, we increase the cylinder diameter, especially for the anilox cylinder, it's diameter is 84.88mm.
5. Both the unwindubg and rewinding tension controllers are bought from Mitsubishi.
6. The machine is equipped with hydraulic unwinder/rewinder, the diameter of unwinding and rewinding can be 1400mm.

Delivery time: 60 days

Payment terms: 30% deposit in advance, and 70% balance payment before shipment

Installation and Commissioning
If the buyer needs our engineer, we will dispatch an engineer. But the buyer pays all the expenses including the visa, round air tickets, food and accommodation, and the salary of 80$/day for the engineer during installation and testing.

We offer one year guarantee since the installation date. If the machine needs repair during this period, we will dispatch an engineer to buyer's side. The buyer pays all the expenses including the visa, round air ticket, food and accommodation, and the salary of 80$/day for engineer during reparation. During the guarantee period, we will bear the cost of defective parts caused by the low quality and mail the new parts. But the freight of the defective parts should be paid by the buyer. Additionally, if the defective parts are arisen by improper use, we will not supply them for free.

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