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Anilox Roller Cleaner

Post Press Machine(Anilox Roller Cleaner)
Over time, the anilox roller will transfer less and less ink as its cell structure become blocked with dried ink, paper, or dirt. Regular cleaning is necessary to get the most use out of your anilox rollers. Our anilox roller cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to generate small bubbles which will enter anilox cells to clean them out.

1. Our ultrasonic anilox cleaner regulates the rotation and cleaning time for anilox rollers for more thorough cleaning without damaging the roller.
2. Constructed from 304 stainless steel plates, the water tank is resistant to corrosion and leaking.
3. The anilox roll cleaning machine has a quality PZT transducer that generates ultrasonic waves, and its heater is made from thickened cast aluminum to guarantee its high efficiency and long life span.

Technical Data of Anilox Roller Cleaner
Model YG-520A
Max. anilox size 520mm
Dimensions 1000×700×1000mm
Power 2.2kW
Net weight 100kg

Our anilox roller cleaner can be cleaned in two ways.
1. Spray concentrated cleaning agent onto the surface of the roller and wait for a few hours, depending on how clogged the cells are, before putting it into the ultrasonic cleaner. After ultrasonic cleaning, flush the roller with clean water.
2. Mix a water-soluble cleaning agent with water and then place the anilox roller into the container of the ultrasonic cleaner.

This post press machine makes anilox rollers like new in a short amount of time.

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