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Printing Plate Mounting Machine

Pre-Press Machine(Printing Plate Mounting Machine)
In flexographic printing, relief plates should be mounted quickly to minimize time lost in switching from one print run to another. Our cost-effective printing plate mounting machine is designed to be easy to use so plates are mounted consistently and quickly before going to press.

1. High Accuracy

a. A 19-inch color LCD screen and several HD CCD cameras can magnify 20 to 150 times so plates can be installed accurately.
b. A mechanical fine tuning unit is used to precisely adjust the location of the printing plate with the base line.

2. High Efficiency
a. Our pre-press machine uses a high precision linear guide for moving plates smoothly and quickly.
b. A simple design makes the automatic plate mounting machine easy to operate so even new employees can accurately mount plates in a short period of time.

3. Meticulous Craft
The main body of our video platemounting machine is manufactured from aluminum alloy and processed by precision CNC machines for accuracy.

Technical Data of Pre-Press Machine
Model TBJ-450 TBJ-650
Plate mounting width 120~450mm 120~650mm
Plate cylinder diameter 55~260mm 55~260mm
Power 0.5kW 0.5kW
Overall dimensions 128×600×1050mm 128×700×1050mm
Weight 90kg 100kg
Voltage 95~245V/1P 95~245V/1P
Air supply 3~4Mpa 3~4Mpa
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