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Offset Printing Machine

Our offset printing machine is designed to print pressure sensitive labels. This printing machinery is ideal for print shops as it is reliable, consistent, and has a high degree of automation.

1. Tapered triple ring bearings give this intermittent PS label offset printing machine a long service life.
2. A solid gear cylinder makes perfect reproducibility possible.
3. The structure of the ink fountain adjusts the amount of ink used, minimizing wasted time and paper.
4. Our offset printing machine can be easily adjusted left to right and up to down without shutting down.
5. This digital offset printing press uses imported and pneumatically controlled on-off mechanism for reliability. Water and ink in the plate and blanket cylinders must be perfectly balanced before printing, significantly cutting down paper waste.
6. A user-friendly touch screen and control system makes this web offset printing machine easy to use and will send alerts if there are any problems so troubleshooting can happen quickly.
7. The offset printing machine uses a Rexroth microcomputer servo control system to stably feed paper, replace printing rollers, and ensure speedy operation. Each printing station is driven by an independent servo motor, with 15 servo motors total, ensuring high speed and precision.
8. Automatic plate installation makes this offset press simple and efficient to operate.
9. This commercial offset printing press has an enlarged printing area with an adjustable printing plate for better registration. Die cutting, cold stamping and hot stamping stations are optional.

Technical Data of Offset Printing Machine
Model HX-330 HX-520
Speed 30-200rpm 30-200rpm
Max. web width 330mm 520mm
Max. printing width 320mm 505mm
Web thickness 60-300g 60-300g
Max. unwind diameter 800mm 800mm
Max. rewind diameter 600mm 600mm
Overall dimensions 9500×2000×1700 9500×2100×1700
Power consumption 7kW 8kW
Power supply 380V 380V
Full loading rate ≤50% ≤50%
Weight 10,000kg 10,000kg
Qty. of ink roller 16pcs 16pcs
Qty. of water roller 4pcs 4pcs
Plate thickness 0.15mm 0.15mm
Standard Configuration of Offset Printing Machine
Item Brand Quantity Other
Servo system BOSCH Rexroth - -
Color register motor - 6 APEX1:10 reducer
Unwind servo motor - - APEX1:5 reducer
Web guide FIFE - -
UV UV Light - -
Video monitor BST - -
Pneumatic element SMC - -
Corona treater Schumann - -
Switch power Taiwan brand - -
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