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Label Printing Machine for Clothes
Labels and hangtags on clothes are often the customer's first impression of the brand and may directly influence their purchase. HeXiang's series of label printing machines makes high-quality labels and hangtags with clear text and vivid images that will catch the attention of customers. These cost-effective machines print neatly and accurately even at high speeds.

Printing Labeling Equipment for Drugs
Pharmaceutical labels used in hospitals, drugstores, and research institutes have specific requirements regarding the adhesiveness and printing quality of the material. HeXiang’s printing labeling equipment helps people manufacture pharmaceutical labels quickly and efficiently with clear, vivid images and text. Both UV curable inks and water based inks can be used.

Flexographic Printing Press for Food
Food packaging should immediately draw people's attention and entice them to buy. Along with meeting hygienic requirements, images and text should be clear and vivid.
Our flexographic printing press, manufactured using imported components and new production technology, incorporates 1-8 color printing as well as varnishes, creases, die cuts, discharges waste, and rewinds rolls in one process, saving you time and materials.

Flexo Printing Machine for Daily Chemicals
Transparent labels are often used to package daily chemicals, but will leave a dim and dark surface even after varnishing. Labels made by our flexo printing machine remain clear and brightly colored. For actual production, a combination of several printing methods is often used, such as flexo printing and silk screen printing, flexo printing and offset printing, flexo printing and gravure printing, or even flexo printing and all three other methods.

Flexographic Printing Machine for Electronic Products
Our flexographic printing machine is ideal for standardized production of electronic product packaging and labeling compared to other printing equipment. Our flexo printing press has a production efficiency that is 1 or 2 times higher than a rotary letterpress, and it is equipped with several print finishing machines for creasing, foil stamping, and die cutting. As it is easy to use and maintains clear and vivid colors, the flexo printing machine is ideal for high-quality labels at a low price.

Printing Machinery for Toys
The printing quality of labels and packaging for toys is meant to grab the attention of children and give parents the information they need to decide to purchase the toy. Because of their efficient and consistent quality of printing, HeXiang’s label printing machines continue to be widely used among toy manufacturers.

Flexographic Printing Press for Gifts
When buying gifts, people often decide to purchase based on the aesthetics of the packaging and labels. A beautiful package makes for a better gift. Our flexographic printing press is intended to make clear and vivid gift labels and packaging that won't fade over time. Thickened steel plates ensure the quality and life span of the machine and its efficiency and speed reduces productions costs.

Label Printing Machinery for Stationery
When working with notebooks, files, folders, and other stationery, labels and stickers will help people get organized and stayed organized. Our label printing machinery, including a flexo printing press, die cutting machine, and label inspection machine, is ideal for printing stationery labels, and its high efficiency cuts down production costs. Major components are made by Schneider, Siemens and other reliable manufacturers to guarantee their long service life.

Color Printing Machine for Supermarkets
Labels are everywhere in supermarkets and department stores from pricing, barcodes, promotion tags, shopping receipts, or EAS labels. Our color printing machine works exceptionally well for printing these labels because of its stability and uniformity in transferring ink that is clear and long-lasting.

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