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At HeXiang Printing Machinery, we understand how important it is to make your product stand out among so many others, and we believe the best way to do that is with the right packaging and labeling. Since 2005, we've been manufacturing quality label printing machinery such as flexographic printing presses, paper cup printing machines, die cutters, paper slitters, label inspection machines, paper core cutters, anilox roller cleaners and offset printing machines to make labels or hangtags for food, stationery, clothes, toys, gifts, barcodes, drugs, and electronic products.

Using modern production equipment and advanced technology as well as a talented team of technical engineers, our printing machinery prints precise and vivid text and images at high speeds. Many of our models do several processes at the same time. We have also developed a practical line of pre- and post-press machines for plate mounting and roller cleaning so you can keep printing as long as you need.

Our promise to our customers is providing them not just with the right product, but also with sufficient services. If your machine breaks down, we keep spare parts in stock which we can ship to you immediately to minimize your downtime cost. If your employees don't know how to troubleshoot an issue, we provide on-site and online training to walk them through the problem. Because of our attention to our customers, we've grown to export to businesses and distributors in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Wherever you are, we guarantee we can provide cost-effective printing solutions for labeling and packaging your product.

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