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Take a quick virtual tour of our facilities at HeXiang, which include one warehouse, one machining center and several workshops where we manufacture and store printing machinery.

Workshop (at a glance)
Machining Center

We've heavily invested in establishing an independent machining center to produce high precision mechanical parts, each of which are inspected by our well-experienced engineers to ensure their quality.

Production Workshop for Flexo Printing Machine

In this workshop, our assembly team and testing team work together to produce the flexo printing machines. Most of our technicians have been with us for a long time and are quite skilled at what they do.

Production Workshop for Die Cutting Machine

We offer rotary die cutting machines, flat bed die cutting machines and intermittent die cutting machines which meet different needs of our customers. These machines are assembled and tested by two different teams and are high precision and high speed.


Inside our 2-storey warehouse, we stock a large number of machines and spare parts so they are readily available to ship out should customers need.

Production Workshop for Offset Printing Machine

With advanced production equipment and skilled technical engineers, we have successfully designed and manufactured the popular PS label offset printing machines.

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